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Gun Show Returns to Upper Marlboro Despite
Reluctance from Park Agency


Gun Prices & Selection Right on TargetIt's apparent the Maryland – National Capital Park and Planning Commission did not want the return of gun shows to the ShowPlace arena, but THEYYYYY'RE BAAAAACK!

The ShowPlace arena was told by their attorneys they can't deny a contract to gun shows but there are other ways to discourage them from using the ShowPlace for their events.  They have made what show promoters consider outrageous and costly demands prohibiting most promoters from using the Upper Marlboro location.

Frank Krasner owner of Silverado Gun Shows was quoted by the Washington Post as saying: "The restrictions are a deliberate attempt to discourage operators from coming back."

“They don’t want gun shows. Period,” said Krasner, noting that he never had any safety problems in 20 years of shows.

Many customers — sports shooters, particularly — come to gun shows to buy discount ammunition in bulk, Krasner said, because such material is difficult to ship."

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