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We appreciate all you do to make our gun shows and other shows around the country successful through all of your support. It's not only about gun shows, but about your rights.  Thanks for sharing all of our information.  

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Buy, sell or trade at a Silverado Gun Show.

We invite you to bring your family and attend Silverado Gun Shows. Bring your old guns and war relics for identification and appraisal. While you're at the show, shop for parts and ammunition for your collection.

At our gun shows, you will find guns of all kinds ... new and used, modern, antique and collectible shotguns; rifles and handguns; holsters and gun cases; clips, grips and magazines; gun parts and manuals; ammo; reloading and cleaning kits; modern and custom knives; knife sharpening; military and civil war items, and more.

What show goers have to say:

"Mr krasner, You are my hero!!!" Shawn K

It was indeed another great show! Ron C

I'm there on sunday oh yea !! Charlie P

"Surprising amount of antiques there: Saw a nice 1855 springfield (tape primer ignition) at a very nice price. A Snyder enfield (made by the enfield armory in north London) - cool." Robert N.

"We all love you Frank and you're entire team! Keep up the exceptional work."  Ron C

"Enjoyed the show and made several additions to my supply chest. I always try to make it to your shows even when I am not planning to buy, just to show my support." Petr V

"Thank you for stepping up an making a real difference!" John B.

"Thanks for another great show....keep us updated and let us know how we can help" Chris R.

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What Show Goers have to say:

"Mr krasner, You are my hero!!!"   Shawn K

It was indeed another great show!   Ron C

  I'm there on sunday oh yea !!  Charlie P